Insights Report 2021


Publication date: 2021

World Data League (WDL) is a data competition that brings data scientists from all over the globe together to solve socially-oriented challenges focused on the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

In 2021, the first edition of WDL took place with over
14 different challenges around the topic of Data-Driven Cities, inspired by the 11th UN SDG - Sustainable Cities and Communities.

The main outcome of the competition is open-sourced proof-of-concept algorithms that can help develop sustainable cities. The evaluation process is optimized not only for the technical evaluation but also for understanding the problem, analyses of impact, analyses of the datasets, and possible applications of the algorithms in the day-to-day of organizations.

In this document,
the authors summarized the insights and findings of the teams for each of the challenges, organized into three main categories: Approach and Technique, Data and Insights and Impact.

Please note that the summary presented in this document is exclusively based on the content of the team's submissions. Even though a technical jury has evaluated the deliverables, some submissions might be technically inaccurate.