World Data League

The quest to
find the best data scientists by solving

Data science for social impact
A league for social impact

We are a league for social impactWDL’s mission is to crown the world’s best data scientists by competing to solve social-oriented problems together.

We are a league for data scientists
circles_WDLWorld Data League is global

We are globalWe believe that intellectual diversity is the key to solving global issues. We don’t look at age, gender, nationality or race - our only focus is the solutions.

We don't do bullshit

We don’t do bullshit
We want to have fun solving problems - no selling, no politics, no bullshit. All of the outcomes are public domain.

circles_WDLWe help data scientists

We help data scientistsThe data field is evolving every day - you contribute to solving problems and we contribute to your development.

circles_WDLJoin uscircles_WDL

This Season’s Topic

Data-Driven Cities

According to the UN, 68% of the world population is projected to live in urban areas by 2050. With ever growing cities, new challenges arise associated with population growth - but also a lot of interesting potential solutions.

We want to join in helping to achieve the 11th UN Sustainable Goal - Sustainable Cities and Communities. All of the problems and datasets will be provided by entities related to “Data-Driven Cities”.
This season's topic of World Data League is Data-Driven cities

The League Begins

The competition will be online

(March and April 2021)

1 - World Data League
Pick your data challenge

Pick your challengeEach team will pick problems to work on and submit a solution afterwards.

Step 2 - World Data League
Give your best solution

Give your best solutionThe submissions will be evaluated anonymously by using technical and non-technical criteria. These criteria will be informative and transparent.

circles_ World Data LeagueStep 3 - World Data Leaguecircles_ World Data League
Win points to win the data league

Win pointsEvery team will receive feedback and a score from the submission. This score will determine the leaderboard of the league.

A league of data science for social impact
World Data League - a competition for data scientists

The Finals

(July 2021)

The top teams will compete in the Finals in July 2021 over the span of a weekend, for the title of the world’s best data scientists!

Join us

We are finalising the details of the competition.
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World Data League - a competition for data scientists
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